Keeping schtum

Last night, I went out for dinner with my uni mates. The four of us have been friends for what feels like forever.

S had some news to share. She already has a toddler and casually popped into the conversation… “And now we’re having another one!” It’s exciting news. She’s 13 weeks and her baby is due in August. “That’s two months before me!” I wanted to say.

But of course, I couldn’t actually say it. Because I still have two whole months until I can come clean.

The thing is, I’m dying to tell people. Other than me, there are only two people who know – my husband (obviously) and my mum.*

I’m also not very good at pretending, so it’s entirely possible I may give the game away.

AGH! How do you do it? How do you *not* tell your siblings or your best friend that you’re pregnant?

Any tips on how to keep a poker face? Please. I’m all ears.

*I told my mum because, well, she’s my mum, and also she works in a maternity unit and is therefore an expert in this stuff. Right now, I am loving her advice, which mostly consists of: “Look after yourself. Don’t overdo it,” which is working out to be a great way to justify ending my work day earlier than usual. (In case anyone thinks I’m taking liberties, I’m self-employed, ergo I can).


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