The 8.30pm slump

Ok. I’m beginning to get that you never know anything about being pregnant until you are pregnant yourself.

I’ve heard it – from friends, relatives; “I’ve just been so tired,” they used to say, while I, non-pregnant would nod and smile, thinking unsympathetically, “Aren’t we all, aren’t we all…”

But now, I get it. I get what pregnant women mean when they say they just fall alseep on the sofa, wham, just like that. I get why S still hasn’t watched The Killing properly, because she keeps falling alseep everytime she tries to. I nearly fell asleep in The Good Wife. This is serious.*

Oh well. At least Homeland and Borgen and so on have all finished already. Because otherwise, I’d need to have words with the alleged apple pip inside me.

*Also: drool. Nobody tells you you start salivating all over the place before you get pregnant. No, no, they leave it for you to Google and figure it out for yourself.


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