Morning sickness, cravings, etc

I’ve not posted for a few days. Guess why: yep, morning sickness. Still. Again. And again.

I’m just thankful that I work for myself and not in an office – I’m not sure how burping like a disgusting drunk before running out to the loo with my hand clasped over my mouth would go down in that environment. Still, it’s been difficult. I’ve had a couple of face-to-face interviews for magazine features and every time, I’ve felt rotten. I feel rotten on the tube. I feel rotten on the bus. Just, general, all-round rotten.

But things changed yesterday (hoorah!). I took a long walk (which helps with this nausea thing), and landed in front of the bakery at Waitrose. I’m not sure how this happened, other than after eating dry crackers for about three days, I was yearning to at least look at something nice. And suddenly, I had this urge. And no, it wasn’t an urge to be sick! It was an urge to eat! A lemon and sultana danish promptly cured me of my sickness. Yesterday was the first day in about a week that I’ve not either been sick or felt that awful nausea that makes you think constantly that you are going to be sick. The lemon icing just melted in my mouth and it was like “BANG! NO MORE NAUSEA” and so far, it sure as hell ain’t come back.

Was my lemon danish a craving? I don’t know. Ah, who am I kidding. All I know is I saw it, wanted it, bought it, scoffed it. I can’t say that this is entirely out of character. Either way, it’s better than a plain dry sorry-looking cracker.


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